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Uricinex Reviews

Actual reviews from customers that have used Uricinex treatment.

Uricinex Website

*Editor included some of the reviews he received by e-mail and U.S. mail below:

Posted by: Stanley`s wife
Editor`s Rating:

Hi, this is Maureen, Stans wife. I bought some of the Uricinex online because of my husband`s bad gout condition. He had a horrible time with the pain. God, he was in bad shape. We actually purchased a couple of things online in hopes of getting some relief for him. To be honest, I think the Uricinex worked somewhat, but not totally. I would say the product was ok, but not sure if we would buy again.

Posted by: Donavan
Editor`s Rating:

Just want to let you guys know that Uricnex worked very well for me. I noticed my pain reduce with 48hrs.  Really good stuff.

Posted by: Candice
Editor`s Rating: Negative

I did not see or feel anything different on this product.I used the whole bottle, It was a waste of time and money. Don`t buy this product.

Posted by: Hanna
Editor`s Rating:

No question it takes about 2-3 weeks before you start to get the results. It works though. It`s really quite a good product , I would recommended it to patient people only.

Posted by: Beth M.
Editor`s Rating:

I`m happy with the results I got from Uricinex. It`s truly a safe natural way to cure your gout.  My gout cleared up within one week.. I`m a total fan of this product, and would recommend it to anyone having mild to severe gout.

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