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Gout Well Reviews

Actual reviews from customers that have used Gout Well treatment.

Gout Well Website

*Editor included some of the reviews he received by e-mail and U.S. mail below:

Posted by: Dennis
Editor`s Rating:

My gout cleared up after about four weeks of Gout Well. I wish it worked a little faster though.

Posted by: Holly B.
Editor`s Rating: Negative

I had a bad experience with customer service. I did not see results after  trying this gout treatment, so I wanted my money back! They never returned my e-mails or calls. Finally, they did call me and told me that the product takes time to work. I told them I just wanted my money back. I finally got my money back after a struggle.

Posted by: Jason
Editor`s Rating:

Good product! It worked well for me! I`ll recommend it.

Posted by: Kurt
Editor`s Rating:

Did not 100% get rid of my gout, but did fee some relief by the end of treatment. I think the product is ok. Might try something different next time.

Posted by: Robert
Editor`s Rating:

Gout Well is an excellant product. Got great results even though I had a mild case of gout. My pain reduced a lot within a couple of days. I liked it, would recommend it.

Posted by: Donnie
Editor`s Rating: Negative

Hated it! worsed product I ever bought...period!

Posted by: Peter
Editor`s Rating:

I would say Gout Well is the best treatment for the gout I have ever used! I am totally cured from my gout problem from using this product. I stay on the Gout Well for maintenance and it seems to be working out for me.  I highly recommend this product.


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