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Flamasil Reviews

Actual reviews from customers that have used Flamasil treatment.

Flamasil Website

*Editor included some of the reviews he received by e-mail and U.S. mail below:

Posted by: Caren
Editor`s Rating:

I have tried the Flamasil and I found that it took longer to see and feel the relief. My gout got a little better within 2 weeks time. Still had to see a doctor though.

Posted by: Amy D.
Editor`s Rating:

I think it worked pretty good for me. I always had my bouts with the gout and wanted to try something different. Flamasil is a good product.

Posted by: Colin
Editor`s Rating:

Takes way to long to work! As I was getting close to finishing this product I started to finally feel some relief. I had them rush deliver another bottle. Got me for another $52.00 plus $16.00 for express shipping.

Posted by: Hardy
Editor`s Rating:

Used Flamasil a couple months back and found that the product actually made me constipated. Got rid of the gout about 70% after a month of use. Not sure if it was because of Flamasil or the other remedies I was using. Hard to tell.

Posted by: Stan
Editor`s Rating:

I`m going to give this product an 8 on a scale from 1-10.  There is no dout this product works, but kinda took too long. I was in a lot of pain and it took me about 3 weeks to get better using Flamasil.

Posted by: Mr Heart
Editor`s Rating:

My wife used the Flamasil we ordered off the internet. I can`t say she felt or saw much of a difference in her gout condition. My wife states she was starting to feel a little better, but that was at the end of treatment. We had to get her a doctor`s prescription. Next time we wont try to save money buying products online, and just go to the doctor.

Posted by: Danny
Editor`s Rating:

I took the advice from a friend and tried Flamasil. The ordering process was quick and painless, and the product arrived at my doorsteps within three days. I followed the instructions precisely and used the whole bottle. I would say I felt some relief, but not completely. It was ok, but not the best i`m sure. My gout was almost gone after using Flamasil.

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