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Diarrhea Treatments Reviewed

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 03:56

 What Treatment Works? What does Not?


Consumer Health Reports has reviewed over 100 of the top selling treatments for Diarrhea conditions and based the products on these important criterias: Effectiveness, Value, Quality, Safety, Reorder Rates, Customer Service

Consumer Health Reports has conducted research on many of the different Diarrhea treatments online and over-the-counter. Below is an overview based on the results of this research. Of the 100 Diarrhea treatments, we found only 3 products that are effective and would recommend. We have taken the confusion out of the shopping experience by narrowing your search to the elite products in the industry. Here is our researched list of products:


Top 3 Diarrhea Treatments

Pepto Diarrhea Control  

Diarrhea is a common condition that will affect virtually everyone at one time or another. The average adult suffers from approximately four bouts per year. Most diarrhea is mild and short-lived, and will clear up with home treatments. However, you should see your doctor immediately if you develop severe or persistent diarrhea or any accompanying symptoms such as fever or black or bloody stools.

Diarrhea can be caused by many factors. Some of the most common are stress, traveling, bacterial infection, irritable bowel syndrome and food poisoning. It may last for a few days.

One of the most common over the counter diarrhea treatments is Pepto Diarrhea Control. This product works by slowing down the movement of the intestines, decreasing the number of stools and making them less watery. The medication is effective and safe for many people, but is not right for everyone.

Pepto Diarrhea Control can negatively interact with certain prescription and over the counter medications. It can also worsen some underlying medical conditions. It is very important that you consult with your doctor before taking this medication if you are on other medicines or have any chronic diseases.

Pepto Diarrhea Control can cause side effects including dizziness. Avoid driving until you are sure how your body will react to the medication. If you develop any unusual side effects or symptoms, tell your doctor right away.

Pepto Diarrhea Control is designed as a short term solution to treat the symptoms of diarrhea. If your diarrhea worsens or does not subside within a few days, or if you develop any other symptoms, seek medical treatment immediately.


Diarrhea is a relatively common condition. It can be caused by a wide range of factors including, but not limited to, gastrointestinal infection, food poisoning, inflammatory bowel disease and many others. Most diarrhea is transient and will clear up with home remedies. However, it is important to see the doctor if you develop persistent diarrhea, black or bloody stools, fever, dehydration or any other additional symptoms.

There are several over the counter treatments for mild cases of transient diarrhea. One of the most common is psyllium. This thickening agent is available over the counter. It works by breaking down in the intestine and providing food for bacteria and toxins in the intestine. This, in turn, helps the stool to become thicker and bulkier.

Psyllium should always be taken with plenty of water to wash it down and prevent its bulking up in the esophagus. Unless directed differently by your doctor, it is best to start with a single dose in a day and slowly build up if necessary. This will help the medication to gradually take effect.

Psyllium can cause bloating, gas and other side effects. Some side effects can be severe, so always tell your doctor if you develop any unusual symptoms. It can interact with other medications, and is not recommended for those with certain underlying medical conditions. Always check with your doctor before taking this or any other medication.

If your diarrhea does not clear up within a few days, or if you develop any accompanying symptoms, be sure to contact your physician. Only he or she can determine what is causing your diarrhea and make the right treatment plan for you.

Rehydration Drinks  

Diarrhea is an extremely common condition. Experts claim that the average adult will experience approximately four bouts of diarrhea per year. Causes can include, but are not limited to, stress; irritable bowel syndrome; food poisoning; and infection. Most cases of diarrhea are transient and short-lived. Mild diarrhea can often be treated at home. However, it is important to seek medical care if you develop persistent or severe diarrhea, dehydration, fever, black or bloody stools or any other unusual symptom.

One of the most common dangers from mild diarrhea is dehydration. It is important to stop the diarrhea if possible. In addition, it is possible to guard against dehydration by using rehydration drinks.

Diarrhea removes not only water but also salt and other nutrients from your body. Plain water cannot replace those nutrients. However, rehydration drinks are designed to replenish your body’s natural balance. Drinks such as Pedialyte ( and Rehydrate are best, although sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade are also useful.

You can find recipes for homemade rehydration drinks online. If you choose to make your own rehydration drink, be sure to find a source that you trust and follow the recipe exactly. An imprecise recipe may be less helpful or even become harmful. In general, it is best to purchase a name brand product, as the recipes are more precisely controlled. Children should not be given adult rehydration drinks or sports drinks, as their smaller bodies require slightly different solutions.

Sports drinks and rehydration drinks can help to avoid dehydration if you have diarrhea. However, they should not be used as a substitute for treatment. Always seek medical help if your diarrhea does not quickly subside.

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