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Dr. Robert James Theobald III

Performs latest treatment methods for hemorrhoids.

Avatrol Reviews

Actual reviews from customers that have used Avatrol treatment.

Avatrol Website

*Editor included some of the reviews he received by e-mail and U.S. mail below:

Posted by: Rita
Editor`s Rating:

I have tried the Avatrol product and I love the fact that taking these pills work with my schedule. Take one pill with breakfast and one with dinner. The product helped with my hemorrhoids, but still battling to fully reduce them. I just want to feel normal again.

Posted by: Connie
Editor`s Rating:

My husband has been suffering with hemorrhoids for some time now. From his experience with using products from the drugstore, the hemorrhoids never truly go away. Preperation H, Tucks, and suppositories simply do not shrink them. With Avatrol, he noticed better results with reducing the size of the hemorrhoids and overall relief from itching and burning. At this time, he still is on the treatment and the hemorrhoids are getting better. As for now, I would say the product is pretty good. I`ll let you now more when he is done with his treatment.

Posted by: Joey
Editor`s Rating:

Takes way to long to work! As I was getting close to finishing this product I started to finally feel some relief. I had them rush deliver another bottle. Got me for another $25.00 plus $16.00 for express shipping.

Posted by: Paul
Editor`s Rating:

Real good product. I noticed relief within a week. I bought 5 bottles for future breakouts. Happy with the results.

Posted by: Fred
Editor`s Rating:

Not bad. I think I`m going to give this product a 7 on a scale from 1-10. It was good enough to help me get through the day at work. Still got the hems, but I seem to feel better.

Posted by: Sammy T.
Editor`s Rating:

Avatrol worked out for me. I think it`s a quality product. Took about 6 weeks, but it certainly worked.

Posted by: Danny
Editor`s Rating:

I took the advice from a friend and tried Avatrol. The ordering process was quick and painless, and the product arrived at my doorsteps within three days. I followed the instructions precisely and used the whole bottle. I would say I felt some relief, but not completely. It was ok, but not the best i`m sure. Sorry Avatrol.


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